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TO: Friends of Chuck (FOC)
FROM: Eric Hohman
SUBJECT: Job Placement for Special Operations Forces (SOF) Veteran 
Date: 1 September 2015.

I wanted to give the Friends of Chuck (FOC) organization my sincerest “Thank you” and deepest appreciation for helping me find employment in the corporate security world. Prior to meeting “Chuck,” I was an Air Force Combat Controller part of the United States elite Special Operation Forces (SOF). I deployed multiple times with different SEAL, Coalition and Special Forces teams during my career. I received two Bronze Stars, one with Valor, which was awarded to me on my last combat deployment. I left the Air Force after 15 years, because I knew that what I did for my country would not translate into the business world. I was eager to take control of my life and start the next chapter of my life. I knew it would be a difficult journey, but I was very optimistic because I consider myself a smart, well rounded man, and I already had a business degree.

I enrolled in an MBA program shortly after my honorable discharge in September 2013. I tried my luck at different jobs to just pay the bills and I began to lose hope in the civilian world. I eventually took a temporary position at the Texas Senate as a policy analyst in March 2015. Unfortunately the 84th session ended in June and I was out of a job again. Just when I thought I should go back to the battlefield, Chuck called. He relayed he had a possible opportunity with a very well known corporate security company near my home town of San Antonio, Texas.

On September 8, 2015, I will start my first day as a security manager for a very successful and trusted company in Seguin, San Antonio, and Schertz, Texas. I am forever grateful in the confidence, support and trust Chuck and FOC has in me. Lastly, it is of great comfort to me that there are Americans like Chuck and his organization who are willing to support SOF operators during their transition into the civilian world.

Thank you so much,

Eric Hohman


"Hi Chuck,

I wanted to send you a special thank you for hosting such a fun networking event last night. Not only did I make a new friend, but I also made connections for my sister in the Houston FBI office. My sister is an agent in Oakland.  This world truly is small.  I had so much fun and the ladies gift bags were a big hit. 

Thank you again for inviting me to the FOC Mezlan event.  Happy Friday!



Houston, TX


I attended ISC West in Vegas this past week and had my FOC pin on display. I was at the Geofeedia booth when I was about to depart when a gent named Scott from TX said to me "hey Friends of Chuck"...had a quick dialogue to exchange pleasantries as they had an appointment then but thought you'd like this little quip."

Michael Delamere

Seattle, WA


"The team at Storyteller Promotions and its parent company, O'Hana Services, are long term members and proud partners of the Friends of Chuck. Both the organization and its founder "Big Chuck" are dynamic forces in the universe with a vision of what relationships can and should be. Friends of Chuck offers professionals an unusual opportunity to join together with like minded people for the common good and mutual benefit.

Proud to be a part of this outstanding organization."
Mike "Buzz" Mallon
Storyteller Promotions
Houston, TX

Thank you very much for the invite to your inaugural Friends Of Chuck Network Event. Though my experience with networking events is limited, I have to say your event absolutely knocked it out of the park... each individual in your network was personally invested in creating lasting business relationships...

Once again, I truly appreciate the invitation. It was a fantastic event and is always a pleasure to speak with you!"

Alan McCormack 

Houston, TX
"I became a Sponsor of Friends of Chuck and attended our first Friends of Chuck event a few weeks ago hosted by Mezlan at the Galleria. The event was packed full of Friends of Chuck members all of which spoke highly of Chuck and Friends of Chuck. The event was well orchestrated, fun filled for the attendees and resulted in the exchange of information with several new prospective clients. The Friends of Chuck all appeared to be the exact clientele I seek to become clients of our advisory firm matching the demographic target of our current clients.

We will be hosting our own Friends of Chuck event in the next few months and anticipate that we will be successful at adding new prospective clients and gain additional business as a result. I have been in multiple networking organizations over the past three decades all promising to deliver excellent networking opportunities. None of them delivered the expected outcome in a way matching the first Friends of Chuck event hosted at Mezlan!

William Scott"

President Scott & Associates of Texas, Inc.
Houston’s Retirement Wealth Advisor Since 1983
I have permanently affixed my FOC pin to my backpack.  This year alone you have been with me in 15 states and five countries!!! Wowee big fella!!!
Send me some more pins so I can share them with the flight attendants!!!
All the best, brother!!!
Best regards,
Richard Widup, Jr. 
Chairman of the Board - ASIS International
"I greatly appreciate Chuck’s efforts on my behalf at the 27-28 April 2016 ASIS Conference.  Chuck’s a big guy, but he’s dwarfed by his friendly, action oriented personality.  It’s hard to find the right fit in this disconnected world, but Chuck won’t hesitate to jump in and facilitate smart linkages for those around him.  Taking time to meet a military veteran and assisting his transition to the civilian security sector demonstrates who Chuck is and what he stands for; deeds not words.  Thanks Chuck."
-Jon Rutgers


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